Mobile Shelving

High Density Storage

Our range of mobile shelving systems maximises any storage space without compromising on accessibility. These stylish mobile shelving options are easy to manoeuvre and are completely lockable to ensure all your important documents are kept safe and secure.

• Variety of height and width combinations available to meet all storage needs
• Some systems can be fully lockable for added security
• Shelves are adjustable to suit changing storage needs
• Lengths can be customised to suit available area
• Ezi-Drive wheel allows for effortless operation
• Low profile track to reducing tripping and allow for wheelchair access
• Available in single or tandem bay widths
• Can be moved easily in single or tandem bay widths
• Quality finish


• Wire file racks
• Apparel hanging rails
• Reference shelves
• Decorative cover panels
• Bin fronts
• Pull out drawer
• Shelf dividers
• Pull out file frame

Mobile Shelving - Widespan Aislesaver

Mobile Shelving Spec Sheets

Widespan Aislesaver
Widespan aisle saver

Ezi-slide Aisle Saver
Ezi-slide aisle saver

Ezi-drive Aisle Saver
Ezi-drive aisle saver