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Second Hand Pallet Racking Melbourne

Pre-owned shelving is a simple way to save thousands on your warehouse storage system. While it may show signs of wear, with superficial marks or scratches, it’s designed to last for many years in the toughest environments. As it often outlasts the users requirements, second hand pallet storage systems are a great option for any business looking to fit more into their budget without compromising on quality and safety.

We source and stock used racking by all the leading manufacturers, including:
- Dexion
- Colby
- Schaefer
- And more!

Second hand materials are often available at less than a third of the cost of new, so you can afford to get the brands you really want.

Each beam and frame is assessed by our team of engineers to ensure its quality and durability, so know you're getting the very best used materials for your warehouse.

Whether you're fitting out a brands new warehouse or updating your existing system, we can source the second hand materials required to give you the most efficient storage space. 

Our team can also clean or even refurbish pre-owned products, so not only will the racking fit your warehouse space exactly - it will also look just like new!

To discuss your pallet racking layout, configuration and budget requirements, call us today on 9792 0101.

Do you have used warehouse shelving that you no longer need? You could turn it into cash – email the details of your second hand systems to