Mecalux Movirack Mobile Racking

Significantly increase storage space with the Movirack mobile racking system. Each bay of racking is installed over a mobile base, which eliminates the need for individual aisle spaces. Each bay can be moved to directly access the desired pallet space. As there is only one working aisle, it allows more bays to fit into any warehouse.

The system works electronically to ensure safe and efficient access to goods stored within the Movirack.

Benefits of the Movirack:
• Can be used in refrigerated or deepfreeze rooms
• Maximise all available storage space
• Direct access to pallets
• Only requires one working aisle
• Can be implemented for cantilever applications

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The system allows for direct access to any item in stock with the touch of a button. The operator simply selects an aisle to access by remote control or by manually flicking a switch and the bay selected will become available. This allows for more bays of racking within a warehouse – increasing storage capacity by up to 80%-120% compared to conventional selective pallet racking.

To protect warehouse staff while working within an open aisle, the system will automatically shut off when someone crosses the safety sensor along the front of the bays.

Mecalux Movirack

Movirack Space Saving Benefits