Pallet Shuttle

Mecalux Pallet Shuttle

With its large intuitive tablet control and rescue cart feature, the Mecalux Pallet Shuttle is making it easier, faster and safer to load and unload stock in the warehouse.

The innovative storage system contains electric carriages, called a Pallet Shuttle, that move independently within the racking, which means the operator is never required to enter the lanes with a forklift. The process for storing and accessing pallets is all controlled remotely via a smart tablet.

Benefits of the Pallet Shuttle:
• Faster access to pallets
• High density storage with high selectivity
• Works with different pallet sizes
• Can be used in low temperatures, such as cool rooms or freezers
• Less rack damage as forklifts don’t enter the system

Pallet Shuttle Catalogue

Reaching speeds of up to 90 metres per minute, the Pallet Shuttle System makes the picking and packing process faster and more accurate.

Each Pallet Shuttle has a number of safety features that make the system easier to operate. These additional features include an electromagnetic locking function, which automatically connects the Shuttle to standard forklift tynes when being relocated to a new lane, and in-built cameras to guide forklift operators when placing it onto the track. The camera broadcasts to the tablet controls, giving the driver a close-up view of the shuttle as it enters the racking system.



Mecalux Pallet Shuttle

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