SSS Racking

With 350,000 pallet equivalents already installed in many locations across Australia, SSS Racking is quickly becoming the preferred option for many warehouses and distribution centres.

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SSS Racking – Premium pallet racking materials

To ensure our customers can continue to access high quality pallet racking, we have developed our own range of materials that offer premium quality without the premium price tag.

Working with a leading global manufacturer in China, our SSS Racking has been engineered to stand the test of time in any warehouse environment. This expertly designed range does not compromise on the structural integrity of the product, and is available with realistic lead times.

Stronger and more robust

SSS Racking has been manufactured to contain more steel than some leading brands, which provides a more durable, long-term solution. Racking with less steel may support the static weight indicated, however will not guarantee performance under extra load caused by operator error – an unfortunate, but realistic issue that all businesses face.

SSS Beams are 50mm deep and tightly rolled together creating a higher tensile and stronger double layer of material on the top, bottom and the edges where it’s needed. This additional layer helps to cope with any unintended load and gives you peace of mind out in the warehouse.

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SSS Racking Double Layer of Steel

AS4084-2012 Compliant.

SSS Racking has been tested and analysed in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard AS4084 – 2012.

An independent Consulting Engineer in association with a reputable Australian University has conducted physical testing of SSS Racking components.The testing has enabled the establishment of loading data that is used to undertake customised rack designs that conform to AS4084-2012.

Not all pallet racking is created equal

Over the years, many manufacturers have cut costs by reducing the amount of steel in their pallet racking systems. This means some end up paying a high price for a lighter product.

These lighter weight racking systems may pass the Australian standards for static and live loads, however consideration must be given to the long-term lifespan of the product.

Any damaged materials will need to be replaced according to the manufacturers guidelines, which means that, over time, costs can be higher. Before purchasing any pallet racking systems, be sure to know what you’re really paying for. It could help save on the cost of potentially avoidable repairs, and the subsequent downtime.

Why Choose New Pallet Racking?

Every business is unique, and there are often circumstances where brand new racking will offer better value and expediency for your project than pre-owned materials.

For example; you may have specific configuration requirements, the total number or type of frames and beams required for your project may not be available when you need them, you may just prefer new, or the materials may need modifications to meet your exact needs, adding unnecessary costs.

It’s why we developed our very own range of Pallet Racking materials – to help you create the storage system that best fits your business, space and budget.

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