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Corner Guards

Pallet Rack Protectors and Accessories

Enhance warehouse safety and protect your pallet racking from accidental forklift damage with our range of industrial aisle protection and accessories. Collisions can also occur when pallets are being forked on and off. We offer a range of protection for every aspect of your pallet racking. From corner guards and upright protectors to rack end protectors and frame protection.

Our pallet racking accessories can help you protect your staff, shelving and products. After all, it’s much more practical, and economical, to replace a steel guard on your racking than replacing an entire bay – not to mention preventing damage to your products too!

We can fit your racking with the right protection to help reduce long-term maintenance costs while meeting the current Australian Standards for Steel Storage Racking Structures.


Rack end protectors

Each pallet racking aisle end is at risk of being knocked by a forklift as it turns around the narrow corners, especially in a busy warehouse where the aisles between racking are narrow. This integrated corner protection, safeguards racking frames from damage if pallets or cartons are stored at front of runs.

SSS rack end protectors are AS 4084 – 2012 compliant and are also ideal for bridge bay configurations.


Front Protector Baseplate Guard

These highly visible guards reinforce the base of aisle facing uprights and over the floor anchors. As the name suggests, these guards help prevent damage to the baseplate and upright, which can be caused by materials handling equipment.

The 3mm guard is shaped to deflect impact away from the base of the upright. Used in conjunction with the 3mm upright protector, it provides a 6mm guard. These economical guards are easy to remove and fit, and can also be fitted with a rear protector baseplate guard.


Rear Protector Baseplate Guard

This sacrificial, replaceable guard bolts to the baseplate and is simple to remove and fit. It’s shaped to deflect impact when removing/placing pallets from floor location and covers floor anchors providing additional protection.

The rear protector baseplate guard can be fitted together with a front protector baseplate guard – either one can be removed and replaced individually at any time.


Upright Protector

An upright protector is a simple way to reduce the likelihood of contact from a forklift as it’s loading and unloading pallets from the pallet racking. This reinforcement helps to prevent any major structural damage, along with the consequential repairs and down time.

The SSS upright protector is AS 4084 – 2012 compliant, fits multiple brands and can easily be retrofitted to suit existing pallet racking installations. To further improve the strength, it can be integrated with a front protector baseplate guard to provide 6mm thick upright protection.


Corner Guard

SSS corner guards are AS 4084 – 2012 compliant and offer medium duty protection for exposed frames located on corners. This is a cost effective rack protection option that deflects impact away from the racking as forklifts manoeuvre around the corners of the aisles.



The configuration of these AS 4084 – 2012 compliant backstops has been approved by WorkSafe Australia to store Euro pallets in 838mm deep racking. This versatile product can be retrofitted to suit multiple brands and can be adapted to suit bays with building column interference. Reduce costs by fitting backstops only in specific locations, rather than at every beam level, to suit your requirements.


Mesh Barrier

Mesh barrier can be attached to the back of pallet racking to provide pallet fall protection in pedestrian and picking areas – to avoid injury to those below, as well as preventing product damage. Ideal for the rear of single entry racks, the stand-off can be made from pallet racking items as well as specifically designed mesh barrier products.


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