Pallet Racking Inspections

A regular rack inspection (also known as a safety audit) plays an essential role in maintaining a safe workplace for your staff. Conducted annually, pallet racking inspections will pick up any damage to your storage system before an incident occurs, saving you money on repairs and helping to avoid occupational injuries or damage to stock.

Here at Safer Storage Systems, we’re passionate about creating safe and secure storage environments for you, your staff and products. Our specialist team is qualified to carry inspections on warehouse pallet racking systems, and provide appropriate accreditation and safe working load signs.


My racking is new. Do I still need a rack inspection?

To comply with Australian work safety laws, all industrial storage systems are required to be inspected by a qualified professional every 12 months, and have certified safety signage to indicate the maximum unit load rating for each shelf level.

Our team can conduct 12 monthly or 6 monthly rack inspections depending on your requirements.

What’s included in a pallet racking inspection?

Our rack inspectors are up to date with Australian best practices and can assess your pallet racking system to provide industry standard certification and signage, along with a detailed rack inspection report for any repairs required.

A pallet racking inspection will assess a number of factors that indicate whether your racking meets current Australian safety standards. This includes a thorough check of all components of the racking and the way it is loaded.

A rack inspector will consider the following:

· Are there any signs the racking is out of plumb?
· Are all racking materials in good condition?
· Are any beams overloaded?
· Are there any signs of damage from a pallet or forklift?
· Any bent or deformed components?
· Are all beams properly connected to uprights?
· Are any safety clips, bolts or connectors missing?
· Are safe working load signs installed and accurate?
· Is all racking adequately fixed to the floor?

What if my racking is not deemed safe?

In many cases, a rack inspection will pick up on potential hazards, which can often be eliminated or reduced by the way of rack protection, updated load signage or new strategies to avoid incorrectly loaded beams or collisions from forklifts.

Should any of your racking components be bent, missing or damaged, they can typically be repaired or replaced to bring your storage system back in line with Australian safety standards.

These solutions are far more cost effective than replacing a whole bay of racking should a serious incident occur.

What causes pallet racking to become unsafe?

Pallet racks are frequently subject to misuse by the way of forklift collisions or unintended loads. Even the toughest racking in the most cautious workplace is susceptible to damage or stress that can compromise the safety of the materials.

Unsafe, damaged or incorrectly stacked shelving or racking can collapse, or cause pallets to fall onto staff or fork trucks below.

Booking an annual rack inspection will help maintain a safe warehouse environment and reduce unnecessary costs in repairs.

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