What should you do if any pallet racking is damaged?

Even in the most well planned and safety conscious warehouse, sometimes accidents happen. Pallet racking may be hit by a forklift or damaged by incorrectly stored stock, causing the beams or frames to buckle. This can be a serious hazard in the warehouse, as there is a high risk of injury to staff, as well as damage to stock.

The good news is that most of the time, you’ll be able to have the section of damaged materials repaired or replaced in your warehouse without too much disruption to your usual picking flow. But it’s important to arrange a site inspection as soon as possible to ensure a speedy repair and no further damage is caused to the shelving.

A pallet racking specialist can determine the minimum requirements to bring the shelving structure back in line with industry standards, so you can start picking from that section as soon as possible.

How to manage an incident in your storage space

Block access to the area

The first priority is to cordon off the area to prevent someone from becoming injured or further damaging the racking. Use witches hats, and or safety tape to section off the affected materials and the space affected.

Have your racking inspected by an expert

A warehouse storage expert will be able to determine what needs to be done to repair your damaged beams or frame. It’s important to get the shelving repaired as soon as possible.

Review the safety precautions in your warehouse

To reduce the risk of another incident, ensure your team understand the correct conduct in your storage space and are manoeuvring forklifts appropriately. There are also a range of pallet racking accessories and guards to protect the beams and uprights from damage.

Regular inspections and maintenance

Warehouse pallet racking should be inspected at least once every year to pick up any potential hazards – before they turn into something more serious. Minor repairs can be carried out now to prevent larger more costly incidents later.

Need to book a rack inspection?

Our pallet racking experts can visit your warehouse to view the damaged shelving and provide a quote for repairs.

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Repairing damaged pallet racking