Containers & Tubs

Keeping your spare parts and stock well-organised can help you keep workspaces clear and increase productivity. It means staff can find and pick the right product straight away, without having to spend time sorting or repacking the warehouse or store room.

With a huge range of plastic containers, each item can have a separate location. So no matter how how small the pieces are, they’re kept neat and tidy but are also easily found when you need them.

We can help create a unique plastic bin system with:
• Stackable Crates
• Wall-mount Bins
• Nesting Tubs
• Collapsible Boxes
• Label holders
• Dividers

Fischer Storage Systems – Australian Owned & Made

This quality range of storage bins are designed to be hung on louvered panels, to allow for complete customisation of the size and density of your system.

The louvered panels are available as free-standing units on casters for a mobile solution, or they can be wall mounted to help you make use of your wall space and aisle ends.

Storeroom Solutions

For larger areas, and back of house retail storage, our team can customise a system to enhance your stock flow and make product identification a breeze for staff.

From tools and spare parts to shoes and clothing, we have experience across a wide range of industries. Contact us to discover more product storage ideas or check out our blog.