SSS Widespan Shelving

Heavy duty shelving

Quality garage and workshop shelves are essential for creating an organised storage space. We have a complete range of slimline racks, to store all your tools, products or spare parts. Our SSS Widespan (longspan) shelving systems offer a compact, heavy duty solution.

SSS Widespan Shelving

This versatile storage option is a great alternative to traditional pallet racking, as it is slimmer in design and lighter in weight making it easier to install, and won’t take up too much of your precious space. Long span shelves can be configured to fit any space. will give you easy access to every part of your garage, and will be hardwearing.

Benefits of our heavy duty shelving:

• Ease of assembly
• Easily adjustable shelf heights
• Safety pins to securely fit beams in place
• Can be fixed to the ground or free-standing
• Add on bays are available

Shelves are fitted with particle board that sits flush with each beam level, allowing you to store items directly on the shelves, or in boxes. Drawers can also be added to allow for easier access to smaller products.

View the SSS Widespan Spec Sheet Here

Labelling System

For retail displays or easy stock identification, we also offer magnetic label holders that can be attached above or below the items.

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