HI280 Shelving

Hi280 Shelving System

From a single shelving bay to a multi-tiered picking facility, Hi280 is the ideal system.

When looking for a small parts storage solution, everyone has particular needs. Whatever your need might be, the Hi280 Shelving System can provide it.

When your needs change, the Hi280 Shelving System can change with them. It is that adjustable.

Hi280 Shelving System is easy to install. It is durable in use, it is easy to adjust and then readjust.

A patented construction method has made this possible. The Hi280 is a solution in high-grade pre-galvanized steel and a design based on a minimum of basic components, with an absence of nuts and bolts for the single-tier installations. The standardised frame elements guarantee easy assembly. Additional components, from a wide range of accessory parts, can simply be pushed in and hung on afterwards.

This makes the Hi280 Shelving System extremely robust and incredibly adaptable. The variety of applications is almost endless – from a small traditional shelving system to an automated high-rise racking installation.

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