The pallet racking configuration in your warehouse can have a huge impact on the way you run your business – from affecting your capacity to place larger orders to impacting materials handling systems. By taking the time to plan the right shelving layout and aisle width, you can fit more products into your storage area, improve warehouse efficiency and keep warehouse operations performing at its best.

Our team has many years of experience developing pallet racking systems for customers both big and small. As your business grows, we can help you increase the storage capacity of your warehouse. Whether that means adding to your existing system, or reconfiguring your layout altogether, we can help bring your business ideas to life.

But our service doesn’t stop there, we’ll also ensure that your racking is maintained for years to come, so that you continue to meet current Australian safety standards

To help you better understand the racking in your storage space, we have created a handy pallet racking guide. So if you are ever left thinking ‘what racking do I have out in my warehouse?’ this is a great place to start. Whether you’re looking at moving to a new warehouse or updating your existing shelving configuration, the team at Safer Storage Systems can help you design a shelving layout that best fits your business needs and budget.