Cantilever storage racks

With strong arms that extend straight out from the racking, cantilever racking (also known as lumber racks) are designed to hold longer or irregular shaped products, such as timber, pipes or other items which cannot be safely stored in single or double entry pallet racking configurations. This storage system keeps these large items up and off the floor, protecting them from damage.

Cantilever racking can be installed on an incline to prevent items from falling or rolling off and causing injury to people below or damage to your products. These arms can also be height adjusted as your product storage needs change or grow.

The slimline racking system is a popular choice for many warehouses, as they offer many benefits as outlined below.

Advantages of cantilever racking:

• Provides an unobstructed view of products
• Stores significantly long items
• Heavy duty shelving
• Reduces handling time

Cantilever racking can be installed as a single sided run, against a wall, or as a double sided system. It gives great visibility and access to all products at any one time and is a cost-effective option to store long items, such as:

• Packs of pipe
• Steel
• Timber
• Rolls of carpet.

For more advice on storing large or irregular shaped products, contact us here.

Cantilever Racking