Carton Live Storage (CLS)

Carton Live Storage

Carton Live Storage (CLS) is a gravity fed storage system, which allows products to be loaded from the back and picked from the front. Once a carton is empty and removed from the rack the next box will roll to the front automatically (first in first out).

The inclined roller beds work with gravity to move products to the front of the picking face. These flow racks have a small warehouse footprint, making them an economical option for most warehouses. With product lines able to be stored closer together, it’s also easier for staff to find and pick the correct orders.

This system is best suited for areas that require manual picking – for example where there are small parts required for assembly, or smaller products that are on regular rotation.

Fill More Orders In Less Time

Carton live storage reduces need for heavy lifting saving staff from the physical effects of lifting and moving bulky items. This ergonomic system also increases the capacity for filling orders, as picking times are reduced

Our warehouse management experts can help you create a dynamic and efficient picking and packing system, not matter how large or small your business may be. Not only will your staff be able to pack and send out more orders, these systems also help to reduce the physical strain caused by repeatedly bending and twisting while lifting heavy items.

Benefits of Carton Live Storage:

– Speeds up the picking process
– Ideal for manual order picking
– Loading products does not interfere with order picking
– Good stock rotation
– High density storage

carton live storage

Accessories for CLS

We offer a range of gravity fed accessories to complete the packing process, including:

•Straight and Flexible Roller Beds
•90 Degree Bends
•Multidirectional Roller Ends
•Conveyor Belts
•Plastic Tubs

Contact our team here to find out how you could improve the packing flow for your business.