Keeping Your Products At The Right Temperature

When it comes to storage systems for cold rooms, fridge or freezer rooms, the type of pallet racking you choose is important. In these colder environments, more moisture is present in the air, which restricts the materials that can be used to make up the shelving , racking must also be hygienic for appropriate food storage.

Our team of experts understand what type of pallet racking storage system required for your cool room.

We can also arrange for the coordination of crew to work within the restrictions for working in temperatures below 4 degrees.

Food Safety

Australia has strict food safety regulations that are designed to protect your customers from becoming ill from consuming contaminated or spoiled products.

Many foods are required to be kept chilled at or below 5 degrees, and some are to be kept frozen, until required. Fresh ingredients, such as meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, will require a cold room, fridge or freezer for storage.

With larger kitchens and suppliers the quantities of food to be stored is too large to be kept in a regular fridge or freezer, and a custom built cool room is required. This will then need to be fitted out with shelving to maximise the storage space available.

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