Store Two Pallets Per Location

Twice as deep as selective racking, a Double Deep Pallet Racking configuration allows for the storage of two pallets per location. This saves on aisle space and allows for an increased capacity out in the warehouse.

Double Deep Racking systems can also increase picking efficiency – as products are contained within a smaller area, they’re easier to locate.

Pallets can be stored a maximum of 5 levels above the ground.

Benefits of double deep racking:

•Increases storage capacity by 30-40%
•Reduced number of aisles
•Store single product lines within the same location
•Cost effective system

Accessing The Rear Pallet

To access the second pallet, a double deep forklift or special fork truck attachment is needed. However once set up with this equipment, the benefits of this storage configuration can outweigh this initial investment. These forks can also be used to access pallets in other racking systems.

Guide rails are also added to the top beam levels to assist the drivers in lining up the fork with the pallets sitting higher in the racking, so reduce the risk of items falling or tipping the forklift off balance.

Contact our design team to find out if this solution is right for your warehouse.