Gravity Assisted Storage Systems

With a similar capacity to drive in racking, push back uses gravity to draw pallets to the front of the rack.

Pallets are placed on top of a sliding cart that is pushed further back into the racking by the next pallet added, with up to 5 or 6 pallets able to be stored in one channel. As the front pallet is removed the next slides forward, meaning that the fork truck never has to enter the racking system – avoiding damage to the frames and beams.

As the pick face is constantly filled, the time spent in the forklift is reduced to help increase the picking speed and safety.

A common option for cold room storage, this gravity fed system offers a number of unique advantages for businesses.

Why choose push back pallet racking?

•High density storage
•Reduced risk of damage to racking
•Ideal for large quantities of the same product line
•This system is often used in cold storage applications
•First-In Last-Out (FILO) storage flow

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Push Back Racking