Secondhand pallet racking supplied in Melbourne

Save with secondhand pallet racking

Choosing secondhand pallet racking for your next warehouse fitout is a simple way to fit more into the budget and maximise your pallet storage capacity.

Here at Safer Storage Systems, we’re passionate about sustainability, and we can help you create a greener warehouse with used materials.

Secondhand pallet racking and storage equipment offers you the same quality as new, yet it comes with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. That’s because there is little or no manufacturing required for you to benefit from a like-new product.

Buying secondhand racking means you can afford the big brands you really want, without compromising on your budget.

From our Melbourne and Brisbane locations, we source and supply used pallet racking by the leading manufacturers, including:

• Dexion
• Colby
• Schaefer
• And more!

All of our secondhand pallet racking materials are inspected by our experienced team to assess whether they are in a good condition for future use. While recycled racking may show some signs of wear, our engineers ensure that every beam and frame is compliant with relevant Australian standards. This allows businesses to benefit from the same quality as new, without the big outlay.

What are the benefits of secondhand pallet racking?

Save on costs, without compromising on quality

In most cases, the quality of secondhand pallet storage systems is just as good as new materials.

Pallet racking is made from industrial grade steel, which means it’s designed to last many years in the toughest environments. And in many cases the materials will outlast the business’s requirements, giving you the opportunity to access all the biggest pallet racking brands at about a third of the cost of new.

Buying secondhand racking is better for the environment

As there is little or no manufacturing involved in the materials of a secondhand pallet racking systems, the carbon emissions are dramatically reduced. Buying used racking is not only good for your business, it’s good for the earth.

Refurbished pallet racking materials

Over time, pallet racking can show signs of wear, such as exterior scratches or dust. However these are only superficial marks that can be cleaned up or even refurbished as required to look as good as new.

Steel beams and frames can be cut and shut to suit the length and height of the bays that best fits your warehouse, so you get exactly the right pallet storage capacity you need.

Learn more about the various types of used pallet racking configurations with our handy guide, click here.